EU Institutions seeking: Romanian Language Conference Interpreters

Are you searching for a meaningful career where you can apply your skills in multiple languages? We are looking for talented, motivated Romanian language conference interpreters to work for the EU Institutions. 

A multilingual organisation like the EU needs professional linguists to keep it running smoothly. As one of our interpreters you will ensure that the discussions held at various meetings are correctly interpreted. Being an interpreter for the EU is anything but a routine job. You could find yourself in a variety of different places talking about a wide range of different things, with people from all over Europe. 

Our selection procedures for interpreters are intended for candidates who have a perfect command, both written and spoken, of the language of the competition (mother tongue or equivalent knowledge), backed by a thorough knowledge of at least two other EU languages. If you are not up to this standard, we would strongly advise you not to apply.

You must be trained and/or experienced as a conference interpreter. Experience as a court interpreter, liaison interpreter, company interpreter, or an interpreter for social or other public services will not be considered experience as a conference interpreter. You will need to have at least four years' graduate-level professional experience, including at least 100 days of conference interpreting.

Open for applications on: 4 July 2013
Deadline for applications: 6 August 2013, 12.00 (Brussels time)

Before you apply

You must read the Notice of Competition and Guide to Open Competitions which contain all the relevant information about this selection procedure.
You must apply through your EPSO account. For information about creating an account and completing the application form, see our online application manualpdf. You may also find our sample tests useful.

Keep up to date

For all news and questions regarding this selection procedure check our dedicated page.

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